I have now long gone very badly in tournaments, especially live, but also on the web (have not gone bad on the Web, has been motriggad anyway). And that bodes really good now a few days before Gefle Open. Of the last 15 live turrarna at the club I played, I have only reached 1 finalbord and the rest went out of the 2-8 first, and it has felt so fucking sad when I think I have improved my tournament play during this time. But I can not see the results in terms because I have such damned motrigg the hands I go out. With the said, I am not saying that I have been inside, with the best hand all the times I go, but they have been very difficult going to come from. Now I do not remember any hands but I remember is anyways.
 AA vs KK (All pre)
 Kq vs. K6 (All on board K57)
 AQT6 (With flush haul) to 88xx and KKxx (With flush draft) (On AT8 board)
 AA against QQ (All on board QT2)
 9hTh against Kh6h (All on board 2h5h7c)
 89 against AhTh (All on board 6h7hTd)
 KJ against KT (All pre (This was the bubble in the GO were small at the club))
These are the hands I remember but it was more going on that I went sour at. But now GO I'll try to get some networks + live tournaments so I am quite in the turrespelet and förhoppningvis go far in some turrar so I have a bit of confidence back. Over and Out.

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